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Pacific Iron Ore is currently in the start-up, exploratory, pre-production stages. Its directors are well-versed in the range of corporate matters pertaining to mineral exploration companies. Accordingly, the Board of Directors has elected to defer forming subject-specific committees. All matters within the areas of responsibility of a board of directors are dealt with by the Corporation’s Board of Directors as a whole.

Good to Know

Good to know

  • Pacific Iron Ore has high-quality properties in Ontario and Vancouver Island
  • As of March 31, 2011, its 285 claims on Vancouver Island cover a combined 170,648 hectares. These are split 266 claims and 162,420 Hectares for the Port Renfrew Block and 19 claims and 8,228 hectares on the unexplored northern claims.
  • The Pearson Project is located in an area with historical mineral production