When should you not use a TENS machine?

A popular alternative to the use of painkillers during treatment is through a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator (TENS). The TENS is a small, portable, and battery-operated device that is worn on the body. The TENS machine is attached to a patch and when using this machine, the user attaches the patch to the skin.

Through this adhesive, small electrical impulses are transmitted to the body, like electric shocks with low voltage. These electrical impulses will affect the spinal cord and brain, stimulating the production of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers. This substance helps relieve pain and promote feelings of happiness. However, there are a few caveats in using a TENS machine.

In this article, we will tell you when you should not use the TENS machine.

Mechanism of operation of the TENS machine

The TENS machine produces small electrical impulses transmitted through electrodes placed on the skin. These electrical impulses produce stimuli, which are then sent to the brain, dispersing pain signals transmitted from the nerves and spinal cord to the brain.

Therefore, when pain signals are blocked by small electrical impulses from the TENS machine, the brain will receive fewer pain signals and the user will feel less pain.

The TENS machine can generate electrical pulses of different frequencies. Specifically,

  • As normal usage, the TENS machine produces electrical impulses at high pulse rates of 90-130 Hz, which help block pain signals being sent to the brain. According to pain control theory, the nerves of the brain and spinal cord (central nervous system) receive pain signals and then we feel pain.
  • However, when this central nervous system closes and does not receive the signals that are transmitted, we will not feel pain. When using the TENS machine, electrical impulses will stimulate some painless nerves and close the gate. According to some studies, the brain receives signals from the TENS machine faster than pain signals, so the brain will be busy processing signals from the TENS machine instead of the pain signals.
  • When the TENS device is set to low (2-5 Hz), the body is stimulated to produce pain relievers called endorphins. Similar to morphine, it blocks pain signals.

Use a TENS machine to relieve pain in cases

When you experience the following problems, the TENS machine can help relieve pain and muscle spasms including:

  • arthritis
  • period pain
  • pelvic pain due to endometriosis
  • Knee hurts
  • neck pain
  • backache
  • sports injuries
  • In particular, when pregnant women have pain during labor, the TENS machine can also be used to relieve pain but requires medical supervision.

Cautions when using the TENS machine

Using a TENS device for home treatment is a safe method, but as with most treatments, some treatments should not be used and should be carefully read the instructions for use. The electrodes for a TENS unit should not be placed:

  • Do not place the electrode patch on burned or irritated skin.
  • Do not place the electrode patch on the neck, eye area, mouth or near the heart.
  • Do not apply the electrode to flow sensing areas.
  • Avoid using the TENS machine in areas with water, such as in a bathtub or shower.
  • Do not use the TENS machine when driving or operating machinery.
  • Should not place on parts of the body that are numb, unless advised by your doctor.

Those who should not use the TENS machine

The TENS machine is mainly used for pain relief caused by muscle, joint, and nerve problems. If you experience abdominal pain, chest pain, or headaches, the TENS machine is not an effective pain relief tool. Unlike oral medications, the advantage of TENS is that there are no side effects. However, in the following cases we should not use the TENS machine for pain relief:

  • Do not use the TENS machine yourself to relieve pain if the cause of the pain is unknown or has not been diagnosed by a doctor.
  • Pregnant women should not use the TENS machine unless specifically medically advised – or during labor.
  • Do not use in combination with a pacemaker.
  • People with a history of epilepsy or heart disease.


In summary, here are the basics you need to know before using the TENS machine. Make sure you read and understand them so that you can use TENS safely, protect yourself from injury, and achieve the highest efficiency. You must remember to not use the TENS machine when operating machinery or taking a shower. In short, you should invest in a TENS machine to help ease the pain.

What kind of mop do you use on the laminate floor cleaner?

If the tile floor or concrete floor is very familiar and easy to clean, the laminate floor and how to clean the wooden floor is still a new issue for many housewives. For women, the tools to clean the house are extremely necessary and mops are typically one of them.

So, what kind of mop do you use on the laminate floor cleaner? Many people want to buy mops for their laminate floors without knowing which is the most suitable one.

If you are in the same situation then don’t bypass this article which gives you the best popular, convenient smart and modern mops for the laminate floor.

Features of laminate floors

To choose a suitable for your laminate floor, you should know well about the floating wood tile at first. It is a multi-layer artificial flooring tile created by a lamination process.

The laminate floor seems to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter that makes this synthetic wood floor has been used more and more recently.

However, the disadvantage of this type of floor is rather complex in cleaning if users don’t use its specialized mop. Some main wooden floor features are that it can shrink or soak up water, causing quick damage.

Therefore, when cleaning the floors, it is also necessary to choose the right type of mop so that the wooden floor of your home is both durable and beautiful.

Because wooden floors are made of many pieces, so between the wood pieces there are small gaps where water is easy to soak into.

How to choose a suitable mop for your laminate floor

For choosing mops for laminate floors, you should choose the good quality mop that both prolongs the use of the mop while protecting the wooden floor from water. Some characteristics of mops for artificial wood floors are as follows:

  • Choose a floor cleaning mop, made from cotton or microfiber, that does not stick the fibers in the gaps in the wood floor.
  • A mop can be easily and extremely squeezed clean, dry water
  • Do not choose a floor mop with the high roughness as this can cause scratches.
  • Also, floor mops with sponges or rubber should not be used because these materials often leave a large amount of water on the floor surface, and their ability to wipe is not clean.

3 types of best mop you should use on the laminate floor cleaner

  • The 2-in-1 smart mop

In modern life, you don’t always have enough time to clean your house. You can save time and effort for cleaning your laminate floor by using the 2-in1 Smart Mop that is convenient and fast.

In fact, with this mop, you do not need to carry a bucket of water from the 1st floor to the 5th floor. It is extremely convenient and comfortable, isn’t it? With this special Spray Bottle, you can comfortably wipe every corner of your house without having to carry a water bucket any more.

The special highlight of this mop is that the cleaning cloth can quickly and effectively clean away tiny dirt. Not only that, but it also has good water permeability, suitable for cleaning the liquid spilled on the floor. With the soft cotton, absorbent material, the smart mop can dispel even the hard stains on the floor.

  • The steam mop

Steam mops are the most popular used mop for the laminate floor. This type needs to use electricity. This mop has the water heat function and can spray water during cleaning.

The steam at high temperatures helps repel any stains, also kill all bacteria and mold on the surface. This steam mop is extremely suitable for laminate floors, carpets, etc.

This product line has more functions than other mops that can be used to clean glass, car windows, many other furniture, etc. Indeed, this steam mop can clean dirt on any surface.

You can wipe wooden floors and tile floors. You can even use it as a glass wipe, to wipe the door very clean and convenient. With steam mist technology, this mop can help to wipe quickly and effectively.

Its cleaning effect is far superior to conventional floor mops.

  • 360-degree mop

The 360-degree mop has been picked up by many housewives to replace conventional mops. Its 360-degree rotating design makes the cleaning speed faster and the area of cleaning wider.

This helps minimize the time to clean the laminate floor. Women have more time for other housework. The mop length can also adjustable. The product has a long life, frees up to 80% of labor, and saves a lot of time for housewives.

The 360-degree mops bring a lot of utilities to life.


Hopefully, the information shared above will help you answer the question “What kind of mop do you use on the laminate floor cleaner?” and better understand the new updated features of many modern mops.

Now, you can choose the best mop that suits your needs.

What is a good quality kitchen knife set?

Busy at work but still want to prepare delicious and nutritious meals for the whole family, housewives often equipped with many tips to cook delicious, fast and varied. However, an important secret that women pay little attention to is how to choose and use a knife when preparing food. It is not possible to cut thin slices of beef, such or square, definitively chicken and duck without a good and suitable knife.

Therefore, the kitchen knife set is an important and indispensable tool for housewives. But what is a good quality kitchen knife set? is always a question that makes you wonder. This article will help you troubleshoot the problem with one of the tips shared below.

A good knife is a sharp knife

Choosing a good knife will help you cut, dice, chop, chop more accurately and easily, the dish will also become more beautiful and delicious.

To choose a good knife, the first factor is sharpness. Sharp knives create a sense of comfort, reducing the force on the user’s wrist when having to handle a lot of food. The balance and weight of the knife are also quite important because it affects the speed and force of the user.

How to choose of blade material

Currently, knives are made from many different materials, of which the most common are blades made of ceramic, steel and stainless steel. Ceramic blades are beautiful, durable and do not rust, but fragile. Therefore, it is rather expensive to buy good quality ceramic knives. The blade is made of steel with a sharp and durable advantage.

Therefore, this is also the material used by many knife brands. When choosing a knife from this material, you should consider the percentage of steel in the blade. With less steel and more metal components, such as iron, rust will occur in a short time, affecting the aesthetics as well as the quality of the products and food to be processed. To overcome this, people have to make knives of solid steel.

Also, the solid steel blade is quite popular because of the diverse price, suitable for the choice of the majority of users. Depending on the quality of steel, this knife keeps its shine after a period of use. However, all types of steel blades have the disadvantage of being blunt so they need to be sharpened regularly.

Notes about the knife handle

The wooden knife handle is often unstable, especially when exposed to water. Also, the wooden and plastic handles make it difficult to use because these materials are lighter than the blade, creating a difference between the tip and the hilt. For families using dishwashers, these knife handles made of these materials are difficult to clean without hands.

To limit the disadvantages of plastic or wood handles, manufacturers use steel materials to create more perfect products, helping housewives unleash creativity in the kitchen. Both steel blade and steel handle create weight and force balance for the entire knife, helping users to be firm, quick, more accurate and comfortable to use for a long time.

Some types of knives for different purposes

Vietnamese housewives often make the mistake of using only 1-2 knives for all processing stages. Because family cooking is so important, we advise all housewives to have three basic knives:

  • Chef’s knife

This is the most common and versatile knife size. Any kitchen should own a chef’s knife. Chefs’ knives are usually good with lengths ranging from 21 – 25cm. Thanks to the large blade, this knife is a great help for you in the kitchen to slice onions, carrots, potatoes, meat, celery … which is very difficult to handle if you use a small-blade knife. With a chef knife, the weight and arc of the knife will help you work faster and save less effort when chopping and slicing (because you do not need to lift the tip of the knife, just lift the handle up and down to cut/slice very quickly).

  • Serrated knife

If your family often eats bread in the morning, this is a perfect choice, helping you cut the cake in half and still maintain the beautiful original shape. When you cut pastries or cakes, only a serrated knife can cut straight through the cake without crumbling the cake. Also, this is a good choice when you have to deal with berries such as tomatoes or citrus varieties. The serrated blade will gently pass through the peel without affecting the flesh inside.

  • Paring knife

The paring knife is a small, 9 – 13 cm long knife that looks “monotonous” but extremely useful when handling small foods, helping you easily manipulate without affecting the flesh inside. Not only that, with the suitable-to-the-hand size, this knife helps users easily perform many actions of peeling and chopping herbs or food, which is difficult to handle with a large knife (such as a chef knife ).

Wrapping up

Hopefully, this mentioned information can help you answer the question “What is a good quality kitchen knife set?”. Owning a set of ‘standard chef’ knives with a good blade and high-quality handle will help you easily carry out the housework, ensuring a delicious meal for the family.