What kind of mop do you use on the laminate floor cleaner?

If the tile floor or concrete floor is very familiar and easy to clean, the laminate floor and how to clean the wooden floor is still a new issue for many housewives. For women, the tools to clean the house are extremely necessary and mops are typically one of them.

So, what kind of mop do you use on the laminate floor cleaner? Many people want to buy mops for their laminate floors without knowing which is the most suitable one.

If you are in the same situation then don’t bypass this article which gives you the best popular, convenient smart and modern mops for the laminate floor.

Features of laminate floors

To choose a suitable for your laminate floor, you should know well about the floating wood tile at first. It is a multi-layer artificial flooring tile created by a lamination process.

The laminate floor seems to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter that makes this synthetic wood floor has been used more and more recently.

However, the disadvantage of this type of floor is rather complex in cleaning if users don’t use its specialized mop. Some main wooden floor features are that it can shrink or soak up water, causing quick damage.

Therefore, when cleaning the floors, it is also necessary to choose the right type of mop so that the wooden floor of your home is both durable and beautiful.

Because wooden floors are made of many pieces, so between the wood pieces there are small gaps where water is easy to soak into.

How to choose a suitable mop for your laminate floor

For choosing mops for laminate floors, you should choose the good quality mop that both prolongs the use of the mop while protecting the wooden floor from water. Some characteristics of mops for artificial wood floors are as follows:

  • Choose a floor cleaning mop, made from cotton or microfiber, that does not stick the fibers in the gaps in the wood floor.
  • A mop can be easily and extremely squeezed clean, dry water
  • Do not choose a floor mop with the high roughness as this can cause scratches.
  • Also, floor mops with sponges or rubber should not be used because these materials often leave a large amount of water on the floor surface, and their ability to wipe is not clean.

3 types of best mop you should use on the laminate floor cleaner

  • The 2-in-1 smart mop

In modern life, you don’t always have enough time to clean your house. You can save time and effort for cleaning your laminate floor by using the 2-in1 Smart Mop that is convenient and fast.

In fact, with this mop, you do not need to carry a bucket of water from the 1st floor to the 5th floor. It is extremely convenient and comfortable, isn’t it? With this special Spray Bottle, you can comfortably wipe every corner of your house without having to carry a water bucket any more.

The special highlight of this mop is that the cleaning cloth can quickly and effectively clean away tiny dirt. Not only that, but it also has good water permeability, suitable for cleaning the liquid spilled on the floor. With the soft cotton, absorbent material, the smart mop can dispel even the hard stains on the floor.

  • The steam mop

Steam mops are the most popular used mop for the laminate floor. This type needs to use electricity. This mop has the water heat function and can spray water during cleaning.

The steam at high temperatures helps repel any stains, also kill all bacteria and mold on the surface. This steam mop is extremely suitable for laminate floors, carpets, etc.

This product line has more functions than other mops that can be used to clean glass, car windows, many other furniture, etc. Indeed, this steam mop can clean dirt on any surface.

You can wipe wooden floors and tile floors. You can even use it as a glass wipe, to wipe the door very clean and convenient. With steam mist technology, this mop can help to wipe quickly and effectively.

Its cleaning effect is far superior to conventional floor mops.

  • 360-degree mop

The 360-degree mop has been picked up by many housewives to replace conventional mops. Its 360-degree rotating design makes the cleaning speed faster and the area of cleaning wider.

This helps minimize the time to clean the laminate floor. Women have more time for other housework. The mop length can also adjustable. The product has a long life, frees up to 80% of labor, and saves a lot of time for housewives.

The 360-degree mops bring a lot of utilities to life.


Hopefully, the information shared above will help you answer the question “What kind of mop do you use on the laminate floor cleaner?” and better understand the new updated features of many modern mops.

Now, you can choose the best mop that suits your needs.